Hire Lengths and Prices

To work out how much you’ll need, check the length and width of the venue and decide how you want to hang the bunting (criss cross, around the edges – don’t forget doorways, the bar and the garden) make sure you add on a few metres to allow the bunting to drape.

Based on a five-day hire period (minimum order 10 metres)

From £1.75 per metre
10m £17.50
20m £35
30m £52.50
40m £70
50m £87.50
From £1.50 per metre
60m £90
70m £105
80m £120
90m £135
100m £150

Payment and Delivery 

There is a £25 deposit which is refunded once we have checked the bunting for damage upon return.

You can pay for your bunting by BACs or Paypal

We will book a courier at cost and arrange for the bunting to be picked up at the end of the five day period.

What to expect from your bunting hire

In your box of bunting you will receive a mix of joyful, vibrant mix of colours to create a festival feel to your event. We recommend embracing the rainbow but let us know if you’d like more of one colour than another e.g less red more green, or turn up the yellow.